The Cooking Steps You Can Miss Easily

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Most people cooked while looking at recipes. Due to this, they tend to follow each and every step possible. It is because they have believed that following every step will end up with perfect dish they are cooking. However, this is not something true. It is because recipes mention steps in an exceptionally detailed and descriptive manner that includes unnecessary points too. There are some cooking steps you can miss that won’t ruin your dish. Recipes usually mention the essential steps to make things sleek and perfect. It can also give cooker stress to not doing stuff on the core. In this regard, there are steps you can miss while cooking but still end up with a perfectly cooked dish.

Here are those steps that you can ignore while cooking but still cook perfect dish ;

1.  Measuring Water:

Measuring liquid to grain ratio water is something crazy. You do not always need to read all the mentioned water instruction to boil things, for instance, 2:1 for wheat berries and 2 1/2:2 for faro and such other things. It does not matter how much water you add to things. Don’t stress yourself to add the exact quantity of water after measuring a lot of times. You can simply boil things the way you cook pasta, covering the whole with water and simmering until the grains are tender. Yes, you can consider timing guidelines, but exactly the water ratio is not much essential to stress about.

2.  Thawing Frozen Vegetables:

Thawing frozen vegetables under warm water is not necessary. You can directly add that to your cooking pot and begin cooking. It will itself get melted as you add to the hot pot. It will save your extra five minutes; alongside there will not be any extra pot to wash.

3.  Carrots Peel:

Peeling carrots is not something essential. I suggest you, please put away your peeler. Keep in mind to not peel the carrots until and unless the exterior of your carrots looks extra rough or stringy. Besides this, you should not waste this healthy vegetable in peeling. Simply, scrub it a bit and get your work done.

4.  Soaking Beans Overnight:

You also saw your mothers and grandmothers soaking beans overnight so it will easily cook the next day. It is really not necessary. In fact, it will take extra time to cook if you did not soak the beans overnight. There is another simple thing you can do that is to boil beans for five minutes and then remove it from heat and set it aside for 30 to 45 minutes. After that, it will be ready to get cooked in whatever recipe you want. Also, if you have an instant pot, then all your worries are down because it makes things faster.

5.  Pricking Baking Potatoes:

Baking potato does not mean you need to prick it for sure. Believe me; it will still get cooked and really delicious if you do not prick them. All you need is to keep in mind that potatoes take time to bake and become super tender and delicious. So be patient and do not rush by pricking them.

6.  Trimming Leafy Veggies:

How much time does it take to you to trim your leafy veggies? Most probably more than half an hour! It is really not important to pick off the woody stems of your mint leaves, basil, and coriander. Simply chop them while cutting the leaves or throw everything to the blender and blend with some other things like cucumber and green chillies and make everything work out. This is one of the cooking steps you can miss easily.

7.  Washing Chicken:

Another of the steps you can miss while cooking is washing chicken. Do you really think washing chicken is important? No, it is not, you just waste water and time while washing chicken. The normal process of cooking kills all the bacteria, and dry chicken works well in this way than wet chicken.

8.  Flour Sifting:

We all know all baking recipes require sifting flours. It is an extra step maybe you do while baking. It is extra alongside creates a lot of mess and dirt around. Sifting is not vital step to do while baking a cake or flour. Try baking for once without sifting flour, and you will find no difference in consistency of your item.

9.  Peeling Potatoes Is Unnecessary:

If you spend time peeling your potatoes then for sure, you are just wasting that of your time. It is because peeling potatoes is not necessary. It is completely fine to cook potatoes without peeling them. All you need is to give them a good wash, and you are done to begin cutting them. Several chefs recommend cooking and mashing potatoes with their skin on for better consistency and improved mash.

10.  Separating Ingredients Before Cooking is Extra:

Yes, if you take extra time to separate all the ingredients aside before begin cooking then indeed it is something extra you are doing and totally not important. Yes, it’s satisfying to do but time-consuming. So if you are in a hurry then simply eliminate this step and work on actual cooking.

Final Words:

Do you know there are several things we do while cooking and baking that are totally not important? In this regard know the steps you can miss while cooking. And don’t waste your time on it. These are the core cooking steps you can miss and do more work out of that time.

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