Revolutionary Tips on Flawless Foundation Application

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July 20, 2020

That’s obvious that a beautiful makeup look is only possible if you have a perfect base. In fact, the effects of other products you use will only pop out if your base is good enough. For the absolute base, the core thing is a flawless foundation application.

So, you should know how to use foundation on face. It will help you in creating perfect makeup look. Even if you want to have simple and sleek makeup look, still flawless foundation is vital. To apply the foundation correctly, it is important to spend good enough time to have an elegant and smooth look.

In this post, I will let you know some revolutionary tips on how to use foundation on face.

Beginning with, The Types of Foundation:

Foundations are available in four different types nowadays. All those are good options. However, it would be best if you chose according to your skin type and what suits you.

  1. Liquid foundation
  2. Powder foundation
  3. Cushion and mousse foundation
  4. Cream or stick foundation

From above all these types, the liquid foundation is the most popular and works for everyone. Liquid foundation application is also easy and looks flawless, but only if you apply well. It really gives a sleek and smooth finish. But besides this, other types of foundations are also a good consideration. Actually, the application and look depends on the way you apply it.

Tips For Foundation Application:

So to apply your foundation perfectly, here are some tips you can consider.

1.     Clean Canvas is Key:

The foundation on your face only looks good if your underneath skin is good. So, you need to have a clean canvas. It requires a consistent skincare routine. Make sure to cleanse your skin before foundation application. It is helpful for the prevention of clogged pores and removal of dirt that could reduce your natural radiance.

2.     Primer is Needed:

Yes, priming your skin is an addition. But it is a great addition to your makeup routine. To have a flawless foundation, use a primer as it gives a smooth surface. Also, the primer helps to tone your shade. You can use colour correcting primers if you have skin issues like dullness, uneven pigmentation, or redness.

3.     Take Start With Little:

Yes, always begin liquid foundation application with little amount. Eventually, add more alongside patting it on your face. Keep applying a small amount of foundation until you get the right coverage you need. Set your goal to apply a smooth and thin layer of foundation all over your face and keep your skin look like skin.

4.     Always Stipple Your Foundation:

It does not matter what you use, apply foundation with sponge, brush or your fingers, just make sure to do in a stippling motion. This means that gently tab the foundation into your skin. Do not wipe or rub it because it just pushes the foundation and ends up with streaks. Gentle stipple assures you smooth and silky coverage.

5.     Apply On Your Ears Too:

Yes, application of foundation on ears is normal, but often overlooked. Keep in mind that ears are also a part of your face. So, apply your foundation on ears if you have red lobes. Slightly apply foundation with sponge or brush over your ears in a sweeping motion for perfect blend similar to your face.

6.     Set It With Powder:

Most people think that using powder over foundation means matte or cakey look. But dusting base with loose setting powder assures you that it will not budge or dull. Actually, setting powder over foundation gives perfect finishing and makes other makeup product application easy. Must ensure to provide a powder finish to your areas that are prone to sweat like the T-zone, under eyes, and chin.

7.     Use Concealer, If Required:

It is not necessary to use concealer. Only use concealer if you feel foundation was not enough. It means that, if your dark circles, blemishes and red spots are visible, so conceal them with small amount of concealer. Dab a small amount of concealer on your visible scars, and then tap it onto your skin and blend for a seamless look. Always remember that concealer comes a level lighter in tone than your foundation. Also, you can apply concealer onto your highlighting areas for a sleek look.

Final Words:

Always choose the right foundation colour according to your skin tone. Do not check the foundation colour from your hand or face. Instead of this, match the colour from your neck to ensure it matches your skin tone. These are the tips you needed to follow for revolutionary flawless foundation application. To get a perfectly blended foundation look, use a sponge as it makes you dab the product into your skin instead of rubbing.

So next time doing your makeup, remember these foundation tips to have a smooth base. Also, it will help other makeup product pop out on your base.


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    Yes and blend foundation with always wet sponge for good coverage ❤️

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    Always blend foundation with wet sponge*

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